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Building Social Values


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Building Social Value has been developed by the Considerate Constructors Scheme in conjunction with a number of leading construction companies and industry clients across the UK.

The Public Service (Social Value) Act placed a formal requirement on public sector organisations to consider the economic, social and environmental benefits for communities (social value), as well as the overall cost when awarding contracts.

While social value is already firmly embedded in many construction companies, the need to define, measure and report these outcomes can be challenging and that’s where Building Social Value comes in.

Building Social Value is a report for Scheme registered sites, companies and supplier which captures and communicates social value results in a clear and quantifiable way.

By using the Scheme to carry out the report, contractors and clients gain a professional, third-party report, which helps to evaluate the impact of the site in creating social value.

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Accurate reporting from professionals

How does it work?

Establish Targets with regular reviews

What is social value?

Full report issued on completion

Why is social value important?


  • Delivers a consistent approach for assessment
  • Strengthens competitive advantage in tendering for public and private contracts
  • Supports the planning process
  • Enhances Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes